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Gold & Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing Merchants Association (GDJMMA) is a prominent association based in Kerala, India, dedicated to supporting and empowering gold merchants across the country. Our mission is to provide a platform for gold merchants to voice their opinions, address challenges, and work towards creating a thriving gold industry in India.

Under the dynamic leadership of Chairman Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Abdul Salam, GDJMMA has been instrumental in bringing together gold merchants from various regions of India. Our association aims to foster collaboration and cooperation among merchants, enabling them to collectively address industry-related issues and find innovative solutions.

One of the primary objectives of GDJMMA is to advocate for the interests of gold merchants at both the state and national levels. We actively engage with policymakers to ensure that the concerns and requirements of gold merchants are taken into consideration while formulating regulations and policies.

GDJMMA also plays a crucial role in promoting ethical practices within the gold industry. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all business dealings. Through regular workshops and training programs, we educate our members about the importance of ethical practices, fair trade, and compliance with legal requirements.

Furthermore, GDJMMA strives to enhance the skills and knowledge of gold merchants through various educational initiatives. We organize seminars, conferences, and training sessions on topics such as gemology, jewelry design, marketing strategies, and technological advancements in the industry. By equipping our members with the latest knowledge and skills, we aim to empower them to stay competitive in the ever-evolving gold market.

As an association, GDJMMA also recognizes the significance of technology in the gold industry. We encourage our members to embrace digital platforms, e-commerce, and online marketing to expand their reach and connect with a wider customer base. Through partnerships with technology providers, we facilitate access to cutting-edge tools and solutions that can streamline business operations and enhance customer experiences.

GDJMMA is committed to fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among gold merchants. We organize networking events, trade fairs, and business conferences where merchants can interact, share insights, and build valuable relationships. These platforms not only facilitate knowledge exchange but also offer opportunities for collaboration and growth.

By joining GDJMMA, gold merchants gain access to a strong support system that understands their challenges and provides them with the necessary resources to overcome them. We believe that by working together, we can create a favorable environment for the gold industry in India, ensuring its growth and sustainability.