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Gold & Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing Merchants Association (GDJMMA) is a prestigious association that aims to empower gold merchants across India. Based in Kerala, India, GDJMMA is dedicated to creating a thriving gold industry in India under the visionary leadership of Chairman Dr. Mohammed Manzoor Abdul Salam.

With a rich heritage and a strong presence in the gold trade, India has always been known as the land of gold. However, the industry has faced numerous challenges over the years, including fluctuating gold prices, changing consumer preferences, and regulatory hurdles. GDJMMA is committed to addressing these challenges and providing a platform for gold merchants to voice their opinions and work towards a brighter future.

One of the key objectives of GDJMMA is to promote transparency and ethical practices in the gold industry. By setting high standards and encouraging responsible business practices, GDJMMA aims to build trust among consumers and create a positive image for the gold trade.

The association also focuses on skill development and knowledge sharing among its members. Through workshops, seminars, and training programs, GDJMMA equips gold merchants with the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and marketing strategies. This empowers them to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to the changing needs of customers.

GDJMMA understands the importance of collaboration and networking in the business world. The association organizes regular meetings, conferences, and trade fairs where gold merchants can connect with industry experts, suppliers, and potential business partners. These events provide a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering innovation, and exploring new business opportunities.

As an advocate for the gold industry, GDJMMA actively engages with government bodies and policymakers to address the concerns and issues faced by gold merchants. By representing the collective voice of its members, GDJMMA strives to create a favorable business environment and influence policies that promote the growth of the gold industry.

GDJMMA also believes in giving back to society. The association undertakes various social initiatives, including supporting education, healthcare, and environmental conservation projects. By contributing to the welfare of the community, GDJMMA aims to create a positive impact and strengthen the bond between the gold industry and society.

Joining GDJMMA offers numerous benefits for gold merchants. Members gain access to a vast network of industry professionals, receive updates on the latest industry developments, and have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and training programs. By being a part of GDJMMA, gold merchants can enhance their business capabilities, expand their customer base, and contribute to the growth of the gold industry in India.